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Improving TMA deal-flow in a turnaround economy

“TMAConnect offers our busy members a unique opportunity to connect with pre-vetted peers throughout our organization. Zenvoy gives our organization the ability to offer high-level community building tools!”

Matt Switzer
Director, Marketing & Communications
Client Type: Private Plan (SaaS)
Community Population: 12,000 members
Launch Date: January, 2018

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In early 2018 the Turnaround Management Association (TMA), set out to better connect 35 of its separate chapters all over the globe. With over 12,000 turnaround and financial professionals, TMA sought to craft a new members-only digital networking platform (offering curated peer-to-peer networking introductions).

[TMAConnect was designed] with the sole purpose of helping members generate deal-flow!

Working alongside TMA’s global membership committee, Zenvoy crafted a unique matching algorithm, branding and marketing campaign. With the sole purpose of helping members generate deal-flow, TMAConnect quickly hosted one-on-one introductions specifically targeting member needs based on a series of financial and “deal” related criteria.

Here are some of the community's highlights: 

Extended value of their TMA membership. Network on the go using the TMAConnect mobile platform. No waiting until the next TMA event to keep building their business network.
Ease of use. Set up a profile in just three minutes. Participate via email, web or mobile on your schedule.
Time savings. Not inundated with introduction emails. Participants can choose how often they receive new TMA introductions.
TMA members are first to praise the benefits of the TMAConnect platform to both business colleagues and, surprisingly, competitive organizations.

To date, TMAConnect has invited over 7,000+ TMA members seeing more than 25.8% of those members actively participate on the platform! At the organizational level TMA has also experienced existing and new member engagement increase, i.e., event attendance increase, reduced churn, and premier value-add. Anecdotally, members of TMA are first to praise the benefits of the TMAConnect platform to both business colleagues and, surprisingly, competitive organizations proving when it comes to the financial sector, who you know matters!

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