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“Marshall BizConnections (powered by Zenvoy) provides the opportunity to connect with alumni regardless of geographic boundaries. Quite simply, this platform brings the Trojan Network to life!

Guillermina Molina
Senior Director, Annual Fund and Alumni Affairs
Client Type: Private Plan (SaaS)
Community Population: 72,000 alumni
Launch Date: October, 2017

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As one of the country’s leading business and entrepreneurial colleges, USC’s Marshall School of Business alums are trailblazers of small business, enterprise management and professional service. A key element to every Trojan’s success is a strong community backing and supportive alumni network of over 1M living graduates. Here’s how Zenvoy partnered with USC to help support the networking of 75,000 young graduates all across the country.

When USC wanted to spread this alumni network worldwide, they turned to Zenvoy. With 75,000+ global alumni USC Marshall was not only interested in creating a digital business development network, but also an entrepreneurial knowledge hub- one focused on introducing USC business owners to fellow alumni sharing similar interests, problems, solutions and more!

USC Marshall was not only interested in creating a digital business development network, but also an entrepreneurial knowledge hub...

At the time, Zenvoy was already beta testing with a small group of Marshall alums, so when they set off to invite 75,000 new members all around the world, it was important to design the community’s matching algorithms carefully. The Marshall admins, with the help of Zenvoy, designed a handful of matching questions each intent on identifying the key “offers” and “needs” of each alum. Not only did these matching questions feed valuable data into the matching engine, but also provided USC’s alumni office with tangible data to support their own marketing and outreach efforts.

USC Marshall BizConnections launched in mid-2017 utilizing a fully white-labeled interface and integration with the Marshall alumni database. Each alumnus was automatically invited to the community over the course of nine months resulting in a 24.2% opt-in rate. Introductions among the USC alumni continue to date with over 245k+ introductions having been made in 13 countries around the world!

“Zenvoy has really shown us that our Marshall alums really appreciate tailored introductions to high-value Trojans.”

Overall, USC Marshall has seen an engagement increase among their alumni base. “Zenvoy has really shown us that Marshall alums appreciate tailored introductions. Curiosity is a powerful incentive when forging new relationships and our graduates really feed off that energy when forging new opportunities within the Trojan family!”

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