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A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.

With Zenvoy, group networking has never been easier

Quickly add, manage and support your own private networking community

Zenvoy for Communities offers associations, organizations and clubs the ability to enroll their memberships in private/public networking groups. These smaller communities take advantage of the same great Zenvoy capabilities, but on a more intimate scale. Group admins may arrange, manage and analyze strategic introductions within their new and existing memberships.

Use Zenvoy as a supplement to fill the networking gapsin between your organization’s regularly scheduled events. With our admin dashboard, you can keep your membership up-to-date and informed while providing unique sponsorship opportunities.

For your membership, Zenvoy is a neat way to increase interaction and bolster your organization’s long-term networking value. It’s a true win-win.

Custom Questions

You know your members best

Customize your group’s matching criteria

Use Zenvoy's filtering controls to meet new colleagues next door, down the street or across the country. We know how important it is for you to receive the most valuable introductions. Don’t let your location limit your possibilities. With Zenvoy, we literally have thousands of amazing professionals interested in discussing new opportunities!

Sponsorship Opportunities!

Shed light on your premier supporters

Zenvoy offers the unique ability to showcase your sponsor’s messages to a contextual audience. Not only can your supporters target particular sectors of your membership, but their message can be viewed via multiple Zenvoy marketing channels including: in app placement, email member correspondence and any opportunity driven promotions run through your organization.

Zenvoy App

Understand how to engage with your membership.

What are they looking for?

Zenvoy provides tons of useful networking data points. Dig in to discover useful trends, statistics and engagement levels among your user base.

  • Increase your organization's member value
  • Better engage with your membership
  • Understand how members interact
  • Provide a valuable networking platform

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A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.

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