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Networking tools for before, during and after your events!

A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.
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With Zenvoy, get more value from your events.

Utilize a full host of networking opportunities before, during and after your event!

Zenvoy provides the tools necessary to maximize your event’s short- and long-term networking potential. You choose how and when your attendees communicate.

Zenvoy can work with your existing registration process. Let us help you set up the perfect networking environment for your attendees.
Encourage early registration and communication. Help your early attendees begin to forge valuable connections they can later leverage during your event.
Zenvoy goes mobile for your event! For the event’s space, Zenvoy goes mobile. By combining our advanced matching algorithms and Zenvoy app, your attendees receive valuable "on the fly" introductions, contact exchange and more.
After your event provide valuable follow-up networking opportunities. With Zenvoy, maximize your event’s long-term value by continuing to introduce your attendees long after your event.

Zenvoy your way!

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Harness the full networking potential of your firm, association, organization or event!

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Get the most out of your event branding

Zenvoy is white-label ready!

Your event team has worked hard to get noticed. We know how important it is for you to promote your unique brand name. With Zenvoy, integrate your existing logos, trademarks and unique vision to get great attendee exposure. We want to give you the tools and recognition to impress!

Carina Bauer

“One of the most important needs for our delegates is their desire to network effectively during our tradeshow. We chose Zenvoy because this simple, clever technology matches delegates and enables them to network before, during and after the show.”

Carina Bauer - CEO imexGroup
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With Zenvoy, the proof is in the numbers. Check it out!

Events using Zenvoy reported:

We asked our event admins:
“Do you think Zenvoy improved the attendee experience at your event?”

80.5%improved attendee experience.

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Weighted average. Results collected from 327 Zenvoy admin responses. ±3.00% margin of error.

We asked our event attendees:
“How much more efficient has Zenvoy made your event networking experience?”

32.7%increase in valuable introductions.

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Weighted average. Results collected from 1,494 Zenvoy user responses. ±3.00% margin of error.

What's the best way to find out what Zenvoy can do?

A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.

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