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Great networking is best achieved among professionals

A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.
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How does it work?

Let Zenvoy put your mind at ease

In networking, we always weigh the costs and benefits before meeting someone new⎯after all, networking is time consuming. Usually this process requires a brief mental checklist: is this person worth my time, is this a good fit, are we peers, etc. Think of Zenvoy as your own personal introduction concierge. -Read more

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Tell us where to start

Help us create some early context

Our onboarding process really tries to seek the essence of who you are, not the minutiae. Zenvoy is all about one-on-one peer introductions where like-minded, like-aged and like-experienced peers may exchange contextual business opportunities.

Control the scope of your network

How far away should we look?

Use Zenvoy's filtering controls to meet new colleagues next door, down the street or across the country. We know how important it is for you to receive the most valuable introductions. Don’t let your location limit your possibilities. With Zenvoy, we literally have thousands of amazing professionals interested in discussing new opportunities!

How does Zenvoy work

Sit back and let us do the work

We use more than 200 shared signals

As a peer community, we aggregate members via professional experience, aptitude and reputation. Zenvoy's algorithms are continually experimenting and refining. Our system is designed to provide you with the warm introductions you really want and, sometimes, those unexpected introductions you may not know you really need.

Intros Review

Feedback is always welcome

Let us know what you thought of each intro

After each new introduction, both peers have the ability to submit confidential feedback. We use this feedback in two ways: First, we seek to gauge what you liked or don’t like professionally about the match. And second, we seek to gauge how you felt personally about the match. Answers to both segments help define your Zenvoy profile, and guide future introduction preferences. -Read more

What's the best way to find out what Zenvoy can do?

A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.

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