Zenvoy Guides

A selection of helpful tips & tools for users!

Getting started for new user!

By now you’re probably familiar with what Zenvoy is all about, so we’ll show you how to get started next. How you proceed depends on the way you’ll be using Zenvoy: either as an individual member or as an admin of a networking community.

We’ve built this guide to cover use as an individual member, simply choose the admin route if that’s best for you. Anyway, here we go!

Step 1: Joining a networking community

There are two ways to join an existing networking community: accept the email invitation that you’ve been sent or create a Lone Wolf account and join Zenvoy’s public networking group.


Email Invite: This is the most common way members join networking communities. An organization you are involved with has taken it upon themselves to invite you to join their private networking group. Open the email invitation and click “Get Started!”


Lone Wolf: Just want to get your feet wet networking, but aren’t a member of a community already on Zenvoy? Give our Lone Wolf option a try and be intelligently introduced to professionals down the street or across the globe!

Step 2: Onboarding

No matter how you decide to join, you will be asked to complete a short opt-in onboarding process. We’ll help guide you along as we ask you to enter things like your basic information, networking preferences and other critical professional details. FYI: you can use LinkedIn® to help speed up the process! Some of the more critical steps you will encounter include:


Skills & Services: This is where we want you to choose at least three descriptive tags that highlight your key areas of competency. Keep your answers short and succinct and check out our helpful suggestions!


Networking Targets: Here is where you get to choose the types of colleagues you’d like to meet. Again, we want you to use short and descriptive target tags to outline key competencies you’re seeking.

Step 3: Completing your profile

Filling out your Zenvoy profile helps other members learn more about you. We already have your basic details from when you onboarded, but some communities may included optional profile or custom matching questions.


Helpful reminder: Jump to the upper right-hand menu and select Profile & Networking. From there you may edit the steps you filled out during the onboarding process and view any additional questions.

Personal & company details

The most important info we need is your up-to-date summary and company info. You can edit this information by either opening your Bio tab or the Profile & Networking pop-up from the right-hand dropdown. Here you can add or edit information you think best explains who you are professionally. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to add a profile photo!

Uploads & attachments

Sometimes it’s very helpful to upload files or word.docs to your profile. These attachments can highlight recent business deals, resumes or other pertinent information. Your attachments will only be visible to members whom you have been introduced to. These documents will not be made publically accessible. Visit your Bio tab to view the different attachment options.