Drive connections that expand employee networks inside your company!

Build a unique networking experience that brings your employees closer together around their interests and the issues they care about.

Are you looking for a better way to introduce your employees? Zenvoy is a matchmaking and community platform powered by a matching algorithem you design!

Whether to support mentorship, team-building, best practice sharing, or just plain networking, Zenvoy creates new bonds inside your company.

Create a resource that automatically helps each of your emplyees find colleagues of value Promote collaboration as you onboard acquisitions or new divisions and teams Provide enhanced opportunities for exploring career progression, diversity and minority connections and mentorship Raise adoption in company learning and continued education initiatives. Create a resource that brings together connection and friendship so you can harvest employee satisfaction and retention!

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Jaime Hegeman

Project Manager, Cigna

“In these unprecedented times of social distancing, Cigna’s ability to connect colleagues across the company was impaired. Zenvoy’s platform provides our team with the unique opportunity to create thoughtful connections that solve key strategic needs."

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Let Zenvoy help your company culture thrive!

Zenvoy offers a full stack of networking tools, and features built on top of our A.I. platform. Here’s how we can help...


Zenvoy strategically connects your employees around the topics, interests and goals most important to your company.


Design the matching criteria used by our A.I. engine. Create and prioritize how your employees meet, interact and communicate.


Automatically adjust to each employee’s feedback. Improve engagement by making relevant networking connections of value.


Leverage the networking data from your employee to employee introductions. Better understand the needs of your workforce!

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