5 Reasons Why Networking is Good for Your Business

Author Leo Gestetner
Posted May 18, 2019

New studies have shown that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking, providing individuals with a path to the job of their dreams and companies with the means to find their dream employees.

You should also host networking events within your business for your employees, encourage networking between employees and clients, or just plain launch a networking space for any and everyone, here are a few reasons why networking is good for any business:

* Increased Business:

Networking is a sly way to generate increased business, no matter the style of your networking event. When people get together for professional reasons, they exchange information about their jobs, their organizations, their hopes, and their ideas, making for valuable conversations that ultimately increase business deals and transactions between people.

* Career Climbing:

If you’re hosting an inter-office networking event, these types of gatherings enable the go-getters to shine, providing direct access to the managers that can help them climb the career ladder. It’s a great way to distinguish between those who deserve the promotion, and those who do not, watching the conversations occur between your employees.

* Sustainable Investment:

One aspect of networking that can be hard for individuals to see past is that it’s not always an instant gratification investment. In many cases, through networking, an individual might call you one or two years from now regarding your request, offering you that job they had promised many moons ago. Or, you could be opening a new business and looking to call on the right experts, thinking back to the networking event you attended a few summers ago.

* Professional Friendships:

If you ask anyone who has attended a few networking events, they will tell you that despite the professionalism and career-oriented chatter, it’s actually possible to make some friends. If you’re hosting a networking event for your employees, it’s a great way to encourage communication and bonding between your workforce, which equals heightened productivity and streamlined cooperation across departments.

* Wholesome Advice:

You never know who you’re going to strike up a conversation with at a networking event. It’s a great opportunity to talk to your superiors, acquiring sound advice that could make all the difference in your career trajectory. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, or are on a mission to impart your own wisdom to the younger staff in the room, networking events provide the perfect setting to exchange advice in a non-pretentious way.

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