Engagement is at the heart of everything we do!

Over the past decade our A.I. powered instructions have helped organizations of all sizes accomplish their engagement goals. Whether to support team-building, best practice sharing or career support, Zenvoy creates new bonds that empower your employees’ success!

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A.I. introductions via Linkage

If your company is looking for an affordable and efficient means to connect your employees, look no further than Zenvoy’s powerful A.I. engagement introductions.

Design an A.I. matching engine that makes valuable introductions amongst your employees via email, or your other workplace apps.
Quickly and easily provide a unique A.I. powered networking experience that brings your employees and communities closer together around common interests and shared values.
Easily integrate with your intranet and communication platforms like Workday®, Microsoft Teams®, Yammer®, and Slack®.
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A.I. collaboration & ideation via Watercooler

Bring your team around the virtual watercooler! Harness the power of Zenvoy’s A.I. matching engine by strategically placing compatible employees in discovery cohorts.

Promote collaboration as you strategically introduce groups of employees, divisions, or teams around crucial discussion topics.
Support team-building, best practice sharing and career progression by allowing individuals to voice their ideas in a moderated group setting.
Collect valuable workforce insights! Gain access to each session’s discussion history, ideas, questions, uploads and moderator notes.
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A.I. community and discussion via Engage HQ

Zenvoy’s Engage HQ™ is not your typical workplace communication platform. Instead, harness the power of A.I. to proactively connect your employees with the resources, discussions, and employees they need...automatically.

Host public and private discussions groups. Engage your teams with adaptive polls, introductions, and live broadcasts!
Fully customize your communities look and feel. If necessary, easily integrate with your preexisting tools, SSO and workday apps.
Easy + fast rollout. Enjoy enterprise-level security, compliance, and full data management.
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