Engage and retain your corporate talent pool

75% of post-pandemic workers feel disconnected from their colleagues. Zenvoy is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system that automates the way your employees connect by crafting valuable introductions, discussion groups and brainstorming sessions among your compatible peers, leaders, and mentors.

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Why use Zenvoy for corporate engagement and retention?

Your employees navigate a sea of challenges each day. Design an automated process to help them find success!

Zenvoy is an A.I.-powered employee knowledge, engagement and community platform that introduces compatible team members who will benefit from meeting and exchanging their experience. Whether to support team-building, best practice sharing, or career development, Zenvoy creates the bonds that empower increased engagement and employee productivity! Whether you’re looking for a full-blown online community, or just a few great introductions we have the tools to meet your needs.

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New Hires:

83% of customers agree that A.I. introductions made a significant improvement to new hire moral.

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Employee Mentorship:

Discover and address employee skill gaps​. Oversee curated brainstorming sessions.

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Diversity & Inclusion:

Host public/private discussion groups among initiatives for women, BIPOC, and employees.

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Creating inclusive workforces with strategic and mutually-beneficial employee networking.​

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Bring your people closer together through algorithmic networking

Use today’s premier engagement software to unlock your organization’s true potential.

Employee Introductions

Easily customize powerful A.I. matching algorithms to help introduce your employees 1-on-1 with who, and what they need.

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Ideation Watercoolers

Automatically group talent from across your organization to quickly brainstorm the key topics, questions or issues at hand.

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Workplace Communities

Host public/private discussion groups amongst your ERG programs. Promote the exchange of ideas, skills, and knowledge.

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