All great networks evolve from a single introduction.

Tailored one-on-one networking introductions for professionals, groups and events!

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Harness the full networking potential of your firm, association, organization or event!

What is Zenvoy?

Smart introductions made easy!

Zenvoy is a great networking tool that can help you, your business, association, club or event in all sorts of ways. In a nutshell: Zenvoy is a shiny new one-on-one introductory platform for like-minded colleagues. Customize your Zenvoy experience and start making awesome introductions! - Read more

How does Zenvoy work?

Customization is the name of the game

Zenvoy utilizes a few clever algorithms, experience buffers and location preferences to find colleagues with mutually beneficial values ads. It may be a shared industry, opportunity or need discussed over a brief lunch, coffee or phone call ... you decide. - Read more

How does Zenvoy work
Why use Zenvoy

Why use Zenvoy?

Eliminate the awkwardness

Zenvoy takes the awkwardness out of one-on-one networking. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or networking novice, Zenvoy can put you in contact with others (just like you) looking to broaden and create real business opportunities!

Network woldwide!

Imagine being able to network with individuals excited and eager to meet you. That’s Zenvoy.
Network worldwide!

Happy Customers!

Here's what a few of our happy customers have to say about Zenvoy.

“In the short time we’ve been on Zenvoy our member engagement has skyrocketed! Zenvoy's introductions perfectly complement ACG's mission as the deal making community"

- Katie Newton

"I just logged into Zenvoy and….WOW…I love it! Very easy, breezy process to get started. The interface is clean and simple—very nice."

- Jonathan Fitzgarrald

"Just set up Zenvoy for my team. Efficient networking = quality contacts, better deals and more revenue!"

- Andrew Easton

Whether you're a designer, lawyer or venture capitalist, Zenvoy can help you discover the common threads that turn simple introductions into rewarding business relationships!

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Zenvoy your way!

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Harness the full networking potential of your firm, association, organization or event!

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