All great networks evolve from a single introduction.

We're on a mission to make networking more valuable!

What is Zenvoy

What is Zenvoy?

Zenvoy is a great networking tool that can help you, your business, association, club or event in all sorts of ways. In a nutshell: Zenvoy is a shiny new introductory platform for like-minded colleagues. Customize your Zenvoy experience and startmaking awesome introductions! - Read more

Why use Zenvoy?

Zenvoy takes the awkwardness out of networking. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or networking novice, Zenvoy can put you in contact with others (like you) looking to broaden and create real business opportunities! - Read more

Why use Zenvoy
How does Zenvoy work

How does Zenvoy work?

Zenvoy utilizes a few clever algorithms, experience buffers and location preferences to find colleagues with mutually beneficial values ads. It may be a shared industry, opportunity or need discussed over a brief lunch, coffee or phone call ... you decide.

Getting Started

The 6 steps to getting the most out of Zenvoy


Step #1

Tell us about yourself

What type of discipline do you practice, what professional specialties do you offer, etc?


Step #2

Who are you looking for?

Where have most of your past referrals come from? What types of people do you enjoy networking with?


Step #3

Where and how often

We understand you're busy. Select how often and how far away new Zenvoy introductions are made.


Step #4

The "nitty gritty"

Tell our community what makes you so great! Provide a quick glimpse into your skillsets, accolades and highlights.


Step #5

Reach out!

Once you receive a new introduction, be proactive! We try to keep things simple. Take a closer look here.


Step #6

See the Impact!

And lastly, after each new meeting tell us your feedback - good and the bad. Great introductions take practice.

"Just set up Zenvoy for my team. Efficient networking = quality contacts, better deals and more revenue!"

- Andrew Easton, Strategy Consultant: Ernst & Young

“In the short time we’ve been on Zenvoy our member engagement has skyrocketed! Zenvoy's introductions perfectly complement ACG's mission as the deal making community"

- Katie Newton, Membership Manager: ACG Los Angeles

"Zenvoy is awesome! I've had so many opportunities to meet interesting colleagues throughout my community"

- Heather Snow, Associate Partner: Shepherd Group, LLP

"I am basically "in love with Zenvoy. It took us less than 24 hours to get every-one on board (as you know, people are resistant to change), and it's amazing."

- Johnothan Fitzgerrald, CMO: Greenberg Glusker, LLP

Whether you're a designer, lawyer or venture capitalist, Zenvoy can help you discover the common threads that turn simple introductions into rewarding business relationships!

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