AI technology Meets HR: Here’s How Technology Supports Employee Engagement

Author Leo Gestetner
Posted December 5, 2021
AI technology

AI technology has made its way into multiple areas of today’s business environment:  marketing, operations, advertising, and business analytics, for example. It’s time to add HR to the list. 

Human resource professionals are championing artificial intelligence as an essential tool to boost employee engagement and create better experiences for all. From how employees are recruited and on-boarded to how they are trained and retained, AI is proving to be valuable in helping HR departments learn more about their employees than ever before.  

Here are some HR use cases that are currently being explored to boost engagement with the help of AI: 

Connecting with New Peers 

Employees find it easier to engage at work when they’re surrounded by the right people. AI is helping employees build connections with colleagues by learning more about their interests and values. AI can quickly and efficiently find common denominators between employees that might indicate a good match for projects and cohorts.  

Introductions are made strategically. Employees get the chance to network outside of their normal work circle, which can be helpful in advancing their career path, learning new skills, and enjoying the work they do. This also allows HR to play a role in creating teams that will work well together and ultimately produce better results. 

One-to-One Skills Development 

Every employee brings unique skills, knowledge, and experiences to their role. Likewise, when it comes to developing new skills, each employee learns a little differently. There is no one size fits all approach when teaching and training — while some prefer structure, others prefer trial and error, for example.  

HR can use AI to create custom training programs that play on the strengths and preferences of each employee. These training programs can take into account an employee’s personality, skill level, and ways of learning to encourage ongoing training and development. 

What’s more, AI can also help to address instances where an employee might need additional training or resources. For example, if an employee needs a particular Wiki or how-to guide for a project, AI might automatically connect them with someone skilled in that area or pull specific articles or guides that will enable their work. 

Sentiment Analysis to Reduce Churn and Disengagement 

One of AI’s crowning achievements is its predictive analytics, which makes predictions based on current and historical data. The more data AI technologies collect over time, the better and more accurate its predictive analytics become.  

This can be a huge time and money saver when it comes to reducing employee churn and maintaining a positive workplace culture. AI can monitor employee sentiments to identify drops in morale, productivity, and engagement, then prioritize programs and initiatives to improve them.  

And if predictive analytics indicates an employee is likely to quit (or worse, it signals another Great Resignation like companies have experienced throughout 2021), HR can have one-to-one conversations with at-risk employees to improve retention. 

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