How Introverts can Improve their Networking Skills

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Posted June 3, 2016

Being an Introvert in present times seems to be the standard of subtlety and eloquence at the moment. While there is nothing wrong with being introvert, it still can impediment you in the path towards accomplishment of certain feats and milestones in life.

For instance, there are many aspects of life where one needs to be spontaneous, impromptu and active, attributes which introverts lack. However, you don’t have to let this stop you in the least. No sir, for being an introvert doesn’t mean that you have to avoid people all the time.

For all those introverts that find the prospect of interacting with new and unknown people a challenge and a task daunting, don’t be so intimidated. Meeting new people is essentially irrefutable if you want to establish new contacts within an industry and garner the endorsement and support requisite for success within any field.




So, let us assist you on the path to achievement in the world of networking. Follow these steps to overcome you introverted handicap so that you too can become great at effective networking:

1. Plan First:

Nothing gained without proper planning. Who said that you ask? Well no one in particular because this is one fact that doesn’t require the condoning of any literary or professional authority. Similarly, whenever you, an introvert, is involved with any venture involving networking then make sure that you have planned ahead and set certain goals that you are to attain in future context. For instance, in the case where you attend a certain networking conference, make certain that you already possess a list of those individuals who can prove advantageous to your own networking endeavors.

2. Create your Pitch:

No matter where you go in order to promote yourself and your vision regarding networking, you will always be hailed by a veritable volley of questions and queries. In order to amicably and effectively address these queries, you need to be prepared. Prepare an effective pitch preemptively so that you won’t appear flustered and confused when the time comes to actually answer the queries as mentioned afore.

3. Face your Fears:

It’s quite understandable that you find the very prospect of interacting and even conversing with strangers one fraught with difficulty and complications. However, there are times when you have to face your fears and traverse them if you are to succeed in this business.

4. Adjust Body Language:

Keep your body language relaxed and unstiffened. It is true that body language speaks volumes when it comes to identifying a person as being approachable or not. So, try to be approachable and keep a compatible body language as well.

5. Try to Mingle:

Try to be gregarious. Meet people and interact to the probable extent tolerable, especially with those that can be potentially advantageous to your networking based faculties’ accentuation. Be relaxed and unfettered when interacting with people and you might just overcome this most debilitating of block in the process.

Let us know how you cope in different networking situations. And as always, visit us a Zenvoy to see how we might help!

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