Getting Started

Zenvoy will work with your organization to review and understand the employee engagement improvements, opportunities and milestones you’re looking to achieve.

With a better understanding of what success looks like, it’s time to make some assumptions. What types of employee interactions are you looking to support i.e., strategic 1-on-1 introductions or group engagement opportunities?

Do you require integrations? APIs, SSO

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Technology Rollout

Launching a new A.I. technology can be daunting. Zenvoy products are designed for incremental rollout. Bring your early adopters into the feedback process by quickly launching pilot programs of our A.I. engagement tools.

Leverage your smaller teams or departments during the design of your first matching algorithms. Zenvoy will be there to help you hone in your optimal results!

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Intelligence 101

All Zenvoy’s products utilize a matching engine, (a set of rules) designed by you.

Simply put, your matching engine unites the needs of your employees with the needs of your company. Each engagement encounter is specifically orchestrated to produce maximum employee value while adhering to your company’s “rules” i.e., business need, goal, or agenda.

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Company-wide Adoption

Zenvoy’s A.I. engagement products are designed to connect your employees with new experiences, people, and opportunities. Enjoy a fully customizable interface that requires no special downloads, apps or integrations.

Let our team of engagement professionals help build a resource that promotes the free exchange of ideas, introductions and meaningful communication throughout your organization.

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