A smarter way for members to engage with each other and your association!

Create a resource that leverages the power of A.I. networking to foster member engagement and retention.

Your members have similar interests and are looking for new ways to interact with each other and your association online. Introduce them the smart way!

Zenvoy is an A.I. powered matchmaking and community platform that introduces members to each other to promote valuable relationships and connections.

Build a unique networking experience that brings your members and potential members closer together around their interests and the topics they care about (i.e., biz dev, mentorship, jobs, referrals) Promote collaboration as you feature new topics, campaigns, and initiatives. Provide enhanced opportunities for exploring career progression, industry mindshare, and business development Increase retention, loyalty, and member engagement through a proactive 1-on-1 networking solution you control! Give your members a space to communicate and share information with relevant colleagues, friends, and business associates.

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Matt Switzer

Director of Marketing, TMA

“We have thousands of members spread across the globe. With TMA branded virtual business cards, it’s nice to know we are providing a tangible value-add designed with the sole purpose of helping our members generate deal-flow!"

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Let Zenvoy help empower your association

Zenvoy offers a full stack of networking tools, and features built on top of our A.I. platform. Here’s how we can help...


Zenvoy strategically connects your members around the topics, interests, and goals most important to your association.


Design the matching criteria used by our A.I. engine. Create and prioritize how your members meet, interact, and communicate.


Automatically adjust to each member’s feedback. Improve engagement by making relevant and valuable networking connections.


Leverage networking data from member to member introductions to better understand your members’ needs!

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With organizations like yours using Zenvoy, we have made millions of valuable introductions & counting!