Intelligently connect attendees at your events and beyond!

Your attendees are enthusiastic attendees. Produce even greater ROI before guests even show up and long after they’ve left.

Zenvoy is not an event app; in fact, Zenvoy is specifically designed to match and introduce event attendees with shared interests and needs.

Networking at events is an essential component. With Zenvoy, attendees can be sure to meet the right connections before, during, and well after your event is over.

Design a networking algorithm to connect attendees who share similar interests, mutual opportunities, and industry experiences. Facilitate valuable follow-up opportunities. Allow guests to find and continue conversations with connections they’ve formed at your events. Provide a 24/7/365 online community platform to link attendees from multiple events around the world 24/7/365. Raise retention, loyalty, and attendee engagement through a proactive networking solution. No app download required! Provide a valuable new sponsorship platform for your event advertisers and partners.

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Carina Bauer


“We have thousands of hosted buyers spread all across the globe. With Zenvoy, it’s nice to know they are receiving a tangible value-add even when they are not directly attending one of our events. It puts our coordination team’s mind at ease!”

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Let Zenvoy extend your event’s value!

Zenvoy offers a full stack of networking tools, and features built on top of our A.I. platform. Here’s how we can help...


Zenvoy strategically connects your attendees around the topics, interests, and goals most important to your event.


Design the matching criteria used by our A.I. engine. Create and prioritize how your attendees meet, interact, and communicate.


Automatically adjust to each attendee’s feedback. Improve engagement by making relevant and valuable networking connections.


Leverage networking data from your attendee introductions to better understand your guests’ needs !

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