Building deeper connections and community throughout your subscriber-base!

Your subscribers have similar interests and want new ways to interact with each other and your brand.

Zenvoy is private, customizable networking platform that helps publications create and manage their own A.I. driven networking communities.

You know your readers best. Now you can choose how to introduce them! Create a resource that fosters connection and friendship among your readers, nurturing subscriber satisfaction and retention!

Build a unique networking experience that brings your readers and subscribers closer together around their interests and the issues they care about Promote collaboration as you feature new topics, campaigns, and initiatives. Provide enhanced opportunities for exploring career progression, industry mindshare, and mentorship Raise retention, loyalty, and reader engagement through a proactive networking solution Create a resource that brings together connection and friendship so you can harvest subscriber satisfaction and retention!

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Marin Bright

Founder & CEO, Smart Meetings

“Smart Meetings is a community of engaged meeting professionals operating at the highest levels in the industry. With Zenvoy we are excited to give them an all new platform to connect with each other and to grow their network, learn and continue the conversation that starts with our magazine, web site, social media and Smart Meetings Experiences”

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Let Zenvoy enhance your subscriber experience!

Zenvoy offers a full stack of networking tools, and features built on top of our A.I. platform. Here’s how we can help...


Zenvoy strategically connects your subscribers around the topics, interests, and goals most important to their interests and your publication.


Design the matching criteria used by our A.I. engine. Create and prioritize how your readers meet, interact, and communicate.


Automatically adjust to each subscriber’s feedback. Improve engagement by making relevant and valuable networking connections.


Leverage networking data from reader to reader introductions and better understand your subscribers’ needs!

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