Using Zenvoy!

Here’s a few helpful user tips & tricks along the way!

A simpler, more pleasant, and more productive networking experience.

User Tip #1

Know what Zenvoy is and isn’t

It’s all about tailored one-on-one peer introductions

Zenvoy isn’t Linkedin® (not that Linkedin® is bad). Zenvoy networking requires no searching, connecting or mass emailing. Zenvoy is about arranging amazing one-on-one peer introductions for you, your employees, members or guests. You can start using Zenvoy by first deciding what type of networking environment you’re looking for: Professional, Community or Event.

In each case, all Zenvoy networking is conducted via our matching algorithm. Our matching software is the only way a new connection is made. We ensure that each new introduction fulfills your carefully predetermined criteria as well as any nifty long-term trends.

Once the introduction is made, it’s up to the both of you to arrange that phone call, lunch, coffee, racquetball lesson . . . anything. Be proactive, the small effort it takes to meet someone new now can yield amazing results later.

User Tip #2

Ingredients to get you started

Asking the right questions

We do our best to keep our onboarding process short and sweet. Our number-one goal is to find you peers who relate to you, both professionally and socially. Some of our key ingredients of success include matches based on: Discipline, Specialty, Industry, Age, Experience and Location.

Zenvoy Mobile

User Tip #3

Receiving a new introduction

We’ll set it up, you knock it down

Zenvoy wants to make receiving your introductions simple, unobtrusive and on your schedule. The reality is, not everyone has the time to learn a new platform, download a new app or meet a new person every week. With Zenvoy, once you complete the onboarding process, your ongoing interaction can be as involved or remote as you like.

New introductions can be made once a week, twice a month or once a month. For simplicity, each new introduction is sent to you via email. Choose to learn more about your introduction on Zenvoy or use an alternative platform . . . we don’t mind. We’re more concerned about you reaching out and making a real connection.

User Tip #4

You don’t know what you don’t know

Embrace meeting new people!

Our system is designed to provide you with the warm introductions you really want and, sometimes, those unexpected introductions you may not know you really need. Embrace occasionally meeting new peers who don’t perfectly hit your networking sweet spot. Sometimes opportunities arise from the most unexpected encounters.

Remember, after each meeting, you will have the opportunity to confidentially judge the value of the introduction. Great networking has a learning curve.

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User Tip #5

Take Zenvoy on the go!

Download our app(Coming Soon!)

Zenvoy is going mobile. Receive introduction reminders, easy scheduling integration and other great benefits with our app. It also includes scanning capabilities for our Zenvoy Event customers.

Zenvoy app download