4 Affordable Ways to Lift Employee Engagement

Author Bill Webster
Posted November 4, 2021

If the Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s that organizations didn’t realize they faced an engagement problem. Engaged employees are the secret sauce to a company’s health. Not only do they reduce costly turnover by staying with a company longer, but they also provide better customer service, take pride in their work, make fewer mistakes, and refer others to join the company. 

And even though traditional means of engaging employees might seem expensive, the effects of turnover, poor service, and stalled business growth are even more costly. Here’s how you can lift employee engagement in a low-cost way with a high-value impact. 

1. Start a Benefits and Perks Awareness Program 

If your company offers employee benefits and perks, don’t assume that every employee knows about them. And if that’s the case, what’s the point in offering them? Benefits and perks that employees use and care about can help them to feel more satisfied at work. It shows them there’s more value beyond a paycheck.  

Make sure everyone is aware of the benefits and perks they have access to. For example, you can host a benefits workshop on company time or add a benefits FAQ page on your intranet. Encourage employees to share their experiences about the benefits or perks they’ve used. Get their feedback on what else they’d like to see in a benefits package. You might even reward employees for using their benefits and encourage more engagement. 

2. Offer Feedback Early and Often 

Feedback doesn’t have to wait for an annual performance review. Call out employees when you see them do something great. Show them your appreciation throughout the year. Make your feedback specific and actionable so employees know exactly what’s grabbed your attention. It’s hard to know how to feel about vague feedback (e.g., You’re doing a great job.).  

3. Create More Opportunities to Socialize 

In the era of remote work, socializing with fellow employees no longer takes place at the water cooler. Employees need to feel connected to each other. It helps to build trust and can make working with your company more enjoyable. When employees feel closer to the people around them, they also feel closer to your company. 

Even in a digital environment, companies can offer more opportunities to socialize. Using the right tools and technology can help employees stay in touch and encourage conversations and interactions beyond required meetings. 

4. Provide Opportunities for Volunteer Work 

Service projects offer workers the chance to build closer relationships, not just with their colleagues but also with the company and its value. The volunteer opportunities you choose directly reflect what’s important to your organization. It emphasizes the business’s purpose for existing beyond making a profit.  

Employees that participate in volunteer work can take more pride in their work and feel good about representing their workplace. It gives more meaning to their job and they may look more favorably at their employer. 

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