Gamification: The Secret Sauce for Improving Meeting Engagement

Author Leo Gestetner
Posted November 12, 2021

Gamification is the process of turning ordinary experiences into rewarding, interactive ones, similar to playing a game. For example, when you’re playing a game, you collect points or items, perform tasks, and watch your progress to an end goal. These things pull you into the moment and make you become a part of it.  

Business leaders and meeting hosts are using these same techniques to make company meetings more interesting to attendees. By gamifying activities that are often mundane, necessary “evils,” participants are more likely to pay attention and play an active role in them, especially if they can cash in their participation for real rewards.  

Here’s a closer look at how gamification works and why you should consider using it in your employee engagement strategies. 

Breathing New Life into Tired, Old Formats 

Meetings are an important part of building teams and keeping everyone informed and on the same page. But they’re rarely anyone’s favorite thing to do, especially when employees think they could make better use of their time. And when this is the general mindset, meetings are usually highly ineffective. (Why couldn’t the meeting have been an email?) 

Gamification is poised to breathe new life into tired formats by encouraging and rewarding participation. Passive attendees become active listeners because they have real objectives beyond just showing up. They know that unless they’re following along, they risk missing information that could help them score points, win prizes, pick up on clues, or earn bragging rights.  

With engagement high, meetings become inherently more effective. Team members bond and become more invested in each other and the company. Plus, might incite a little friendly competition that gets people out of their comfort zones and into creative thinking. 

What Does Meeting Gamification Look Like? 

There’s no right or wrong way to gamify a meeting, as long as your employees are participating and having fun. It gives people control over what they’re doing. And when they see others getting into it, they’re more likely to follow suit. 

Here are some fun ideas to help you gamify your next meeting: 

  • Win points through interaction 
  • Drop clues to a scavenger hunt 
  • Host a “game show” modeled after a popular show, like Wheel of Fortune 
  • Reward punctuality with prizes 
  • Ask for feedback frequently 
  • Issue badges 
  • Offer visual participation awards to wear or hold during the meeting 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it can help you start thinking in the right direction. 

Empower Employee Engagement with Zenvoy 

There’s more than one way to gamify a meeting. So how can you choose the best path for success? It starts with learning about the topics and priorities that matter to your employees.  

Zenvoy can guide your gamification strategies through the power of AI. Our machine learning tools help to connect employees, spark meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and gain deeper insights into the things that matter to them. From TV shows to cultural issues to environmental values and more, you can build your gamification strategy around the things that already resonate with your teams.  

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