The Four Pillars of a Positive Workplace Environment

Author Sofia Young
Posted April 9, 2020

How to Create a Strong and Coherent Company Culture

A recent study published by the Wall Street Journal partners program showed that only 28% of people in corporate leadership positions believed that their company culture “put people first.” And in today’s job market, where millennials prioritize perks, lifestyle, and work experience nearly as much as salary, this is simply unacceptable.

How can you create a company culture that promotes positivity and productivity? Here are the four pillars of building a positive workplace environment and culture.

1. Promote Autonomy.

Employees who feel respected and trusted enough to make good decisions are much more likely to take psychological ownership of the organization and of their work. Companies with a thorough, top-to-bottom positivity in their culture tend to hire, train, and manage their employees in a way that is conducive to personal and professional autonomy.

2. Foster Communication.

It sounds almost ridiculously simple, but it bears mentioning that no team can be successful without clear and consistent communication. No employee should ever be made to feel that communicating a doubt, question, or concern could come back to haunt them — and ample communication tools, such as Slack, Teamwork, and Asana, should be put in place to support a culture of open communication.

3. Expect Accountability.

Using metrics and consistent, objective review, evaluate performance on a regular basis and keep everyone in your team accountable. (Remember that this goes for you and the company execs, too!)

4. Emphasize Vision.

If strong mission statements seem like nothing more than a formality to you, then the odds are good that you are not using the power of vision to its fullest potential. Here’s a quick list of the best company mission and vision statements that you may find inspiring.

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