Top Zenvoy Features and Benefits Enterprise Firms Love

Author Leo Gestetner
Posted June 8, 2020

When it comes to choosing a piece of software for an enterprise, whether it’s a CRM, eCommerce system, or even a basic email platform, there are a number of steps a company needs to go through to choose the right one. There are various questions a firm should ask in order to determine whether a particular software like Zenvoy is a good fit for their needs.

Among those questions is the most important one: How will this software benefit the business? Sometimes the answer to that question is straightforward:  It will grow revenues, it will increase leads, it’ll make our processes more efficient, etc. Sometimes, however, the benefits are less tangible and not always as apparent.

When it comes to Zenvoy, there are considerable benefits that many of our clients have found to be indispensable. Here are a few of their favorites.

Customizable AI Matching Engine

One of Zenvoy’s coolest features is the ability to fully customize the artificial intelligence (AI) matching engine. Firms can determine the questions employees are asked, and then the AI can match them based on their answers and criteria the company deems important.

The questions can literally be anything—length of time at the company, a skillset or area of expertise, a favorite color, a favorite TV show, etc. Criteria for matching can also be customized. For example, a company might want to match new employees with seasoned veterans.

The Benefit:    Companies don’t need an AI expert to implement Zenvoy, but they can reap all the benefits of a system that matches employees automatically.

Interest Communities

Connecting people in your business is the top function Zenvoy offers, but we also enable firms to create online communities based around interests. These can be professional communities—workers who all work with a certain type of client or product set—or they can be personal—workers with children, workers who like a specific sport, etc.

All communities are opt-in and we’ve found it’s common for firms to experience a 25+ percent adoption rate in the first year alone.

The Benefit:    Employee engagement and information sharing are key ingredients to thriving organizations, and offering online space for employees to connect with each other over shared interests is a powerful tool for helping them feel connected to your organization.

Automation and Personalization

Managing a community can be extremely laborious. Managing multiple communities, introductions, and more would be multiple full-time jobs—and likely not a very fun one at that. That’s one reason why Zenvoy’s automation tools are so popular. Both 1-on-1 employee introductions and community newsletters are fully automated. What’s more, employees can give feedback and customize what they see and how often.

The Benefit:    All the functions of building and maintaining a community and engaged employees is automated, so businesses don’t have to invest a lot of time and energy into day-to-day management. And because employees can refine what they see and how often, they are more likely to receive connections and information that’s more relevant to them.

Want to learn more about Zenvoy’s features and benefits? Schedule a demo to see how Zenvoy can help your enterprise improve employee engagement.

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